These tools will help you unlock ESG insights and can be fully integrated into your day to day operations.

We are not just a reporting system, ESG insights are the best way of creating real value in your organisation and supply chain to meet today's market expectations.
And we promise not to add a single gram of carbon to your emissions, we are a committed Low GHG Emission Business.

Free ESG Tools!

We have developed these three free tools to introduce you to the principles and processes involved with ESG reporting.

Theses are not comprehensive ESG reporting tools, but they will give you a clear and accurate idea of the sort of information and details you will need to manage when compiling a comprehensive ESG Report.

Simple, Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

All ESG Report Pro tools have been designed by ESG reporting experts focused on avoiding jargon and making things as straightforward as possible.

We use a question and answer system to guide you through reporting sections. The complicated stuff is in the background and you can refer to methodologies and indicator details whenever you need to.

Social Impact Tool

Social Impact Tool

Explore the extensive range of Social Impacts including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as Health and Safety, Training and Work-Life Balance

Environment Tool Icon

GHG Emissions Tool

We begin with Greenhouse Gas emissions and calculating Scope 1, 2 and some of Scope 3 - an ideal way to then work on your transition plan, Pollution, Water and Marine, Biodiversity and Circular Economy impacts.

Governance Tool Icon

Governance Tool

Delve into Board Conduct, Business Conduct and Corporate Culture through more than a dozen indicators.


We Take ESG Reporting Seriously
As a Committed Low GHG Emissions Business

Low GHG Emission Business

Our Promise

We will not add a single gram of Carbon Dioxide or any GHG emission to your footprint.

We use our own tools and test them against international best practice, the GHG Protocol and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).