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Let us guide you through the complexity of establishing a comprehensive and coherent ESG sustainability management system and begin generating ESG Value to drive your growth and competitiveness.

Our team of sector experts can help you with Impact Identification and Assessment, ESG Risks and Opportunities, Performance and Metrics, Actions and Targets, GHG and CO2 Calculators, Governance and Workforce KPIs, Transition Planning, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion indicators.

Fully compliant with ESRS, GRI, TCFD, TNFD, NFRD, SFRD, ISSB, IFRS standards in a simple, easy-to-use system, that is designed to fit seamlessly into your business and throughout your value chain.

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Social Impact Indicators

Our Social, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion engine ensures that you have the right indicators to match your way of doing things.

Plus our external engagement tools for communities and user groups.

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Environment Indicators

Our simple and easy GHG calculator is compliant with all international GHG guidelines and protocols. By using our SMART data capture system, we take all the stress out of documentation management and calculations.

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Governance Indicators

From building stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment to comprehensive policy reviews, we have what you need to turn ESG Value Creation and reporting into a source of competitive advantage

No smoke, no mirrors and no hidden costs

SMART data capture & Agile API integration

ESG Report Pro uses machine learning to manage your data and is fully agile to integrate with any accounting, business management, procurement or CRM system.

You can deploy through your key value chain partners to ensure data collection consistency and accuracy, and if they are SMEs, this is a zero-cost feature.

And because we walk the talk, ESG Report Pro will not add a single gram of CO2 to your business GHG emissions.

ESG Value Chain
Add ESG value to your business partners

Embed ESG Reporting Through Your Value Chain

Embedding ESG reporting in your value chains partners helps them and you to help you deliver the best value possible to your customers. Plus your partners can produce their own ESG reports!

With 150+ criteria aligned to international methodologies and calculation tools, ESG Report Pro gives you all the information you need to develop a better, stronger and more resilient business.

Add ESG value

Fast and easy deployment
plus seamless integration

We have built a modular system that can be deployed easily and quickly. And we can fully embed part or the entire system if you want seamless integration throughout your business:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Secure and Safe
  • ESG Sector Experts
  • Starter Packs to get going
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Why Choose ESG Report Pro?

Sector Experts Who Walk the Talk

By signing up to ESG Report Pro, you can get started right away, talk to experts, learn methodologies and how to adapt indicators to your way of doing business.

Whether you need a bit of extra help, or see how far you can extend the scope of ESG Report Pro, or you want to integrate a voluntary certification program, we have the skills and expertise to go the extra mile beside you through our Hypercare and Dedicated Consultants programs.

24x7 Customer Support

We’re here, just reach out.

Simple and Easy

Deployment to seamless integration.

Expert Advice

We have a seriously talented team.

Metrics and Targets

Realistic and Competitive Insights

  • Data Acquisition and Architecture: We integrate into your systems, ESGRP is not another separate or partially integrated solution.
  • Data Management: Our software can handle all your documentation as well as your value chain.
  • Configurability of User Interface: Simple, seamless and fully flexible.
  • Data Quality Control and Enhancement: Let us manage verifications.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: We generate genuine insights, not just ticks and some statistics.
  • Voluntary Reporting Interface: Integrate with your preferred voluntary ESG reporting and certification systems.
  • Regulated and Mandated Frameworks: Choose from multiple reporting frameworks.
  • Leadership Mentoring:  We walk with you to set a clear ESG agenda and integrate ESG values into your corporate strategy.
  • Leverage Existing Resources: Green Team creation and effective collaborations.
  • Establishing Scale and Scope: Guidance through your stakeholder engagement process, double materiality assessments and comprehensive scenario planning.
  • Embedding Technology: Software selection/design and automating data-management.
  • Transitioning to Positive Impacts: Goal and target setting, continuous improvement systems.
  • Accountability, Reporting and Communication: Effective pathways to transparency and building brand relevancy and advocacy.

Try Us. You Will Love The ESG Report Pro Experience

Access our Free ESG Tools – GHG Emissions, Social Impacts and Governance Impacts Calculators. No credit card required. No strings attached.

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