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30 November, 2023
Robin Boustead, E:

Experience and innovation are a powerful combination.

ESG Reporting should fit seamlessly into your business and it should provide powerful insights to give you an added advantage. ESG Report Pro does exactly that – it fits perfectly into any organisation without disrupting your workflows and it’s designed to create genuine added value to your way of doing things.


“No more complex deployments. No more outrageous roll out costs. ESG Report Pro is software that is as critical to your future as your payroll or CRM systems”

We began by asking, ‘What are your major concerns about ESG reporting? What do we need to do to make a system work best for you?’ And this is what you told us:

  • Data Acquisition and Architecture: Integrate into our systems, we do not want yet another separate or partially integrated solution!
  • Data Management: The software should be able to handle our documentation and our value chain.
  • Configurability of User Interface: Make it seamless and fully flexible.
  • Data Quality Control and Enhancement: The system must manage verifications.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: We need genuine insights, not just ticks and some statistics.
  • Voluntary Reporting Interface: We want to integrate with voluntary ESG reporting and certification systems.
  • Regulated and Mandated Frameworks: We want to be able to choose from multiple reporting frameworks.

We heard you, and we realised that we also needed to think beyond, to the full value chain. Most ESG reporting challenges lie outside of the primary organisation, we needed to make a modular system that could be deployed selectively with your partners. Then we’d be able to help you really unlock the benefits of deep-dive ESG reports.


ESG: Patterns in Complexity

So, we reverse-engineered the CSRD reporting standard to identify ways to integrate with various business management systems. Then we did the same for the IFRS, GRI, and a host of other ESG standards. We found patterns in complexity. We found a way to transform ESG reporting from a regulatory form-filling approach to become a set of powerful, dynamic management tools. In fact, a modular set of tools that can work in unison or distinctly, either only within your organisation or linked with modules in your partners, and always discretely, without fuss nor disruption.

ESG Report Pro Value Chain

Everyone we talked to emphasised the problems they were having with gathering and managing data. That began our first goal – to create a comprehensive data acquisition and management system that could operate internally and externally and not overwhelm users with excessive supervision and maintenance.

The funny thing is, everyone in a value chain was telling us the same problems. But for smaller organisations, their lack of capacity meant they become bottlenecks.

We needed to develop a solution that could be accessible for entire value chains. Software that was scalable, customisable and built on a common integrated architecture.

And all users needed to be able to discover hidden potential and opportunities through their reporting.


Building an Integrated System

That was the next important step, to find ways that an ESG Reporting system could be fully integrated, with easy deployment and be powerful enough to provide genuine insights. Business Intelligence needed to be at the core of ESG Report Pro and it needed to be simple.

We sat with experts from a whole range of sectors from banking, to real estate, shipping, education, retail, travel, homeware manufacturing, and more… we needed to see through their eyes, what was similar and what was unique about ESG reporting. We then had to come up with a deployment model that could be flexible and yet structured enough to fulfil our first goal of distribution through the value chain. Additionally, we use a Question-and-Answer approach to many criteria, you can get the idea with our Free ESG Tools, which are intended to help grow your knowledge and understanding of each indicator.

Free ESG Tools are selected from the ESG Report Pro system.

Social Impact Tool

Social Impact Tool

Explore the extensive range of Social Impacts including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as Health and Safety, Training and Work-Life Balance

Environment Tool Icon

GHG Emissions Tool

We begin with Greenhouse Gas emissions and calculating Scope 1, 2 and some of Scope 3 - an ideal way to then work on your transition plan, Pollution, Water and Marine, Biodiversity and Circular Economy impacts.

Governance Tool Icon

Governance Tool

Delve into Board Conduct, Business Conduct and Corporate Culture through more than a dozen indicators.

We also heard about the confusion a rapidly evolving world of standards and methodologies was causing – which applies to whom? And to what extent? We have set out to bust some myths and attempt to bring clarity by removing jargon. Each of our sector experts has practical, real-world experience and we strive to explain things in a way that is accessible for everyone. This is vital if you are going to effectively engage with your value chain.

ESG Report Pro is not just software, it’s a comprehensive system for making better business happen.

ESG integration

We also needed a rapid-deployment system. In our research, we heard of system roll-outs taking months, incurring costs of tens of thousands and levels of stress that should be simply unacceptable. An ESG system should be creating positive impacts itself so we worked hard to reduce our average deployment times for a full rollout to less than a week.

Our 5-step rollout is scalable and designed to fit with your way of doing things. Modular, consolidated, partial or full value chain, you decide and control how much and how often you see us.


Rapid Deployment is a Critical Success Factor

Rapid Deployment - what we need from you

The Emerging New Normal

Finally, we needed to find ways to help organisations navigate the emerging new normal.

ESG reporting has been around for decades in various forms, and the introduction of statutory reporting will highlight negative impacts to greater and greater extents. It seems very likely that if you are not part of the solution then you will be considered part of the problem and that’s not an appealing prospect for most brands.

Plus the risks of green and social washing are also increasing. Environmental and social advocacy groups are actively searching for robust civil actions. The problem is that statutory ESG reporting systems like the CSRD do not go as far as voluntary programs, and there is a limit to what your value chain is able or willing to report. So, we have made sure that we can integrate any additional criteria or indicators from voluntary programs, regardless of the sector.

We believe that we have created something very special with ESG Report Pro. Supported by a team of internationally renowned experts we walk the talk with you and we offer free tools to help you and your partners learn about ESG reporting and the benefits that it can bring to your organisation.

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